The Integrity Pledge

The Integrity Pledge is a formal and concrete expression of commitment by companies to abide by ethical business practices and to support a national campaign against corruption.  The pledge should be signed only by CEOs, COOs, Managing Directors,  Country Representatives, or other senior company officials to set the “Tone from the Top” and oblige all members of the organization to likewise behave with integrity and carry on their responsibilities ethically.  

Why sign the Integrity Pledge?
Beyond being a good corporate citizen and helping in national efforts to escape from the vicious cycle of corruption, companies signing the pledge will enjoy benefits that may initially include:

  • "Preferred Supplier" status for participating companies (for private and government contracts);
  • Hotline and Helpdesk to prevent, detect, and respond to corrupt and unethical business practices;
  • Recognition as "Clean or Ethical Companies" by the general public /media /customers /international community;
  • Perks and privileges from participating government agencies (e.g. "Super Green Lanes for BIR/Customs)

Qualifications for companies to sign the Integrity Pledge
Any company or organization, local or foreign, big or small, non-member of any organization may sign the pledge – as long as it commits that it will reform and operate its business ethically and with integrity.